UX/UI Works

I am currently a UX Analyst working within a cross-functional agile team in service of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) NFIP software applications. I have designed a number of highly functional, user-focused experiences for various applications over the years including online learning platforms, complete modernization initiatives, e-commerce sites and more. I’ve had the pleasure working with many talented people in unique and compelling fields.

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Flight School User Manager

A user manager tool for flight academies to monitors their student’s progress and status during their pilot certification courses.

Review Course Module Elements

Online Ground School

A certification review course for pilots-in-training.

Website Page

Web Design & Interaction

A sample of website updates based off AB testing, customer feedback and interviews, as well as special company initiatives.

Custom Quiz Creator Example UI

Custom Quiz Creator

The UI and UX improvements to a custom quiz creation tool that was being integrated into a larger adaptive review course.

Mobile Checkout UI

Cart & Checkout

The redesign and reconfiguring of the checkout process. The main goal was to optimize the checkout for mobile users while also improving the process for our desktop users.

UI Color Library

ADA | Accessibility Push

A large push for accessibility across our academic products. Many products were updated to accommodate users with disabilities and for future projects ADA was adopted as standard.