About Me

I am a Senior UX Analyst working within a cross-functional agile team in service of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) NFIP software applications. I’ve worked in web-design and UX/UI since 2014. I live in Hilo, Hawaii with my husband and rescue cat, Poi.

My husband and I have traveled to a lot of interesting places and those international influences have a large impact on me both visually and empathically. Thanks for taking a look at my site, there’s some more information about me below.

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group

  • I love the universal language of layout and user experience design. Menu, logins, forms, content and payments are experienced mostly the same way by everyone across the globe. You can look at a website in another language and if it’s designed with solid UX principles, you can intuitively figure out where the posts, login, menu and footer are located– it’s a beautiful thing.
  • I’m an avid advocate for the user. Empathy plays a big part in my designs, and I’m constantly pushing for more user testing, user interviews and bringing the voice of our users into every conversation. I’m passionate about 508 compliance for the digital experience. 
  • I’m certified in UX by Nielson Norman Group. You can learn more the certification by clicking the badge.
Me and my husband nerding out in Harujuku

You’ve scrolled down this far- let me share some of my history and interests!

I come from a Fine Arts background, practicing art and collaboration with the artists’ community in Chicago. That’s where I started to do web design, being the only one around at the time that knew how to edit and customize Wordpress websites. There was a big need for that expertise, so I did that for a time while also working in graphic design. Eventually I came onboard to Gleim Publications, an online education company. Their needs were vast and diversified and I quickly took on the UX mantle. I educated myself and early on became involved in the Dribbble UX/UI community, since a lot of interesting development was happening there. This past year, I put the last six years of my UX experience to the test and got certified by NN/g. I’m really excited and looking forward to working on new projects and enterprises!

My interests and hobbies include: hiking, surfing, learning about other cultures and being a huge nerd for anime and all things retro and antique. Living in Hawaii, especially on an island off the beaten path, has been such an experience of blended cultures and practices. The Polynesian/Asian mix of cultures heavily influences the islands’ food, architecture and customs in a way that melds over time to be singularly unique and found no where else.