Social Media

Social Media

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Includes but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkdIn, Tumblr.

First Time customers receive a free set-up and first post for any social media account of their choice!

Free set-up for Direct Email Service for your customers!

Keep your customers informed and engaged through the power of social media. Many potential customers today are internet savy and educated, and with so many options available to them, what will set you apart from your competitors?

A great example on what NOT to do for your business’s online presence is have a barely updated Facebook page or website. If a potential customer is researching your services that page will come up and they will see your last post was a 6 months ago? A year ago? It gives the impression that you’re not up to date or active. If you do have a Facebook or Twitter page- awesome! You’re in the right direction, but go right now and see when the last time you updated it is!