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Quick backstory: I’m moving to a remote island and cannot bring jack, which is kind of a bummer because I like my stuff.

I made this page to save everyone moving in a trip, why drive all the way to Archer or Waldo when a lot of things you need are right here in Sunbay!

Contact me at the bottom and we can make arrangements to get any of the items below from my apartment to yours! Thanks a bunch and happy moving.

$10 Small black side table with accent drawer

A simple sidetable with draw and space underneath for extra storage.

$20 Zoffoli secret bar globe

Like new, I wish I could keep it but I’m moving too far to reasonably hold onto it. Replica antique globe that holds drinks or pretty much anything inside and no one ever notices. (The trick it to have the hinges facing toward the wall.) It’s a great piece for pure decoration, but it’s awesome that it also serves as double purpose.

$5 Collapsible shoe rack

A collapsible shoe rack from target. Comes apart so it’s easy to move with and it also holds a lot of shoes. It’s very study too, so it’s a little hard to take it apart (but I’m assuming that won’t be often.)

$10 Folding wood side table

Great for really narrow spaces when you want an extra side table. This table is get really narrow at 8” but folds out larger for more space.

$20 6 ft thin bookshelf

Tall thin bookshelf, it’s 1 ft deep and 1 ft wide. It’s in good condition.

$30 Light wood side table set

Light wood side table set in good condition. Dimensions: 23” wide, 20” tall, 25” deep

$80 Full size Antares Acoustic Guitar

A good beginner guitar that keeps it’s tune for a relatively long time depending on how constant the temperature in your house is. It has a nice sound, but keep in mind it’s no Gibson or Fender. It has the ability to be electric and plug into an amp although it’s never worked for me. The bridge is a bit high so a capo is recommended if you plan on playing those higher chords often. The guitar comes with a portable stand which had it’s own case, and the guitar comes with it’s own hard case as well. The case is pretty worn on the outside, but the inside velvet and everything is still very good. If you want I can throw in my thumb pick if you need one as well. _

$5 Long 4 ft floating shelf

One long minimal floating shelf _

$50 Semi-Heavy Duty metal cart

Very sturdy metal rolling cart. It’s between the cheap metal rolling carts in the hardware stores and the commercial metal carts. It’s really nice and I tried to figure out how to keep it, but it’s too expensive to ship. The under shelf can slide out for storage of taller objects underneath. It’s been kept indoors. _

$40 Solid pine wood two tiered desk with swivel chair

Solid pine desk in good condition. The top does rock slightly, but it offers plenty of space. Desk comes with swivel chair. The chair is in good condition minus the fabric wearing out where it kept rubbing against the wall. Dimensions: 38” width 24” deep first level 26”, second level 36” _

$30 Black Modern TV Display center

Like new, tv stand with nice black finish. I got it about 4 months ago before it turned out I have to move far away and cannot take it (or else I couldn’t just returned it, timing right?) Anyway it’s in really great shape, just needs a light dusting. Dimensions: 42” wide, 24” tall, 16” deep _

$10 Small White Shelf

Small white shelf for storage, very clean and like new

$10 Fold out bed couch

Dark green couch that folds out into a double bed. The fold out bed is very easy to pull out and put in with one person. I would ask for more but it’s really heavy and will be a pain to get out of the apartment. It’s simple for one person to pull out and put up the bed w/o help.

$40 Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer for Computers or modern TVs

This speaker system is very nice. We don’t typically have the base on because we live in a upper story apartment and don’t want disgruntled neighbors, but it definitely packs a punch. The volume and settings are all on that little pad too which is nice, it is connected to the speakers however and not wireless. The speakers are in great condition.

$30 Dark Modern Target Desk

Minimalistic and modern word desk from Target. I got it about 6 months ago before it turned out I have to move far away and cannot take it (or else I couldn’t just returned it, timing right?) Anyway it’s in good shape and is really cute. Dimensions: 35” wide, 26” tall, 19.5” deep

$65 Vintage Trek Mountain Track 800 Bike

1997 23” entry level mountain bike. The bike is good for a shorter person. All the gears work and the brake pads are good. The only rusting on the bike is on the metal in-between the grips and on the spokes. It’s a good commuter bike and light off-roading since this model doesn’t come with shocks.

$40 Racor PLB-2B Wall Bike Stand

The Racor Wall Bike Stand stores two bikes safely and securely to free up more floor space in your home or garage. The Wall Bike Stand conveniently sits along the wall, and safely holds two bikes weighing up to 100lbs using independent adjustable arms that accommodate men's and women's road and mountain bikes. The skid free rubber guards make it sturdy enough to ensure the safety and stability of your bikes, and help to keep them level. Some assembly required; installation is one screw fastened to wall. It was kept inside my home installed for 2 years, and then dissembled in storage for another 2 years. I wish I could move with it but it’s too heavy to ship reasonably, it’s really saves on a lot of space with a plus of displaying your bikes. I used it for my road bikes and they looked really nice on the wall. Dimensions • 9.00"H x 3.75"W x 26.50"D Packaged • 93.00"H x 17.75"W x 14.00"D Assembled

$160 Vintage Centurion Les Mans Road Bike

$160 32601 Gainesville Sunbay Apartments Vintage Centurion Les Mans Road Bike 26” Red Centurion Les Mans road bike. The bike is light weight with a chromoly frame and it’s also very fast so you have to have some decent coordination or you’re gonna hurt yourself on it. It has a Bontrager seat and strap in petals as well. The brake pad are good. The bike is currently a single speed and geared high for a strong biker (so it’s goes super fast), but it’s easy to take it to a bike place and have the bike geared lowered. This bike is one of my favorite possession but I cannot take it where I am going. Let me reiterate that this is a fast, light weight bike where your feet are strapped into the pedals so please please test ride it as it’s not for the faint of heart.