University of Florida | Recsports

graphic / photo / design

The challenge for these series of projects was to keep the attention of a constantly distracted college student populous to the Recsports | A Division of Student Athletics Affairs constantly changing events, specials and programs that they offered. The facility had multiple seasonal events. Some were established for decades while others were newly instated and required a broader campaign. Established events proposed their own unique problem: the issue of “outdoing” last year’s event.


With many collaborating minds at work we had multiple people on a number of different campaigns at any one time. Solutions ranged anywhere from street teams, web updates to social media updates. Magazine design by the talented New York Designer Blake Thomas.


Through our efforts we were able to successfully reach our demographic of 50,000 University of Florida students. Our largest events, Midnight Fun Run and Recsports Facilities Expo, the numbers reached in the tens thousands. Each of the events were properly documents and used afterwards as further marketing for next year’s events. The photos of the entire event were posted in appropriate outlets and highlights were printed accordingly.

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