Spanos & Automax Branding

branding / web / graphic / photo / design

A luxury car dealership, Spanos Motors, in Daytona Beach, FL sold high end luxury cars in which they were known well for, but also sold all other types of lower end affordable vehicles as well. The challenge was to extend their brand identity to encompass their lower end vehicles but not as much so to impede on their already established high clientele.


The solution was to open a separate lot with a separate but linked identity. This lot was to be called Automax and we branded it to specialize in Trucks and SUV’s. The brand Automax touted the largest selection of Trucks and SUV’s in the area as well as all other makes and models. Kelseyo created the color scheme, was involved in the name and inventory selection. Kelseyo created the design and branding all while working closely with the owners to retain their vision and offer them the best solution.


The result was a thriving niche business in a flooded auto dealer market. The brand was well received and piqued interest in it’s first couple weeks. Kelseyo organized the proper blitz campaign including a Chamber event, a Grand Opening, social media campaigns, prizes and donations to the community. We’re proud to say Automax has recently caught up with demand after additional car buying experts.

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