Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Just as images are crucial to your business, so is graphic design. Graphic design covers everything from your company logo to the font you choose for your website. A short list of items you need designed for your business are: website, logo, storefront sign, signage, posters, in-store graphics, letters, documents, business portfolios.

The kicker is ALL these things need to seamlessly mess into one Identity for your business, it can’t be randomized or confused. Large corporations have this down to an art, strictly using certain colors and fonts; it’s completely within reach for your business to be synonymous with a certain “look.”

Get creative with your design, just as with photography a conceptual design for your company will make it stick with customers a lot more than a forgettable one. Take some chances with your signage, you should always have options, if your able to you can test which responses better with the public (some honest family and friends are a great way to test the waters.)

Kelseyo can also help with the crazy maze that is correct file formats for printing production and sign production. Have us design your sign logo instead of the sign company, your store front will pop instead of looking similar to signs around town.

Next time you go into a store, say like Target, look around you and the signage within the store, the use of their logo and the color schemes throughout the store, they are varied so not to be mundane, but they also stick closely with a theme as to not appear random; they really have it down to a science.