Press Me

Our involvement and presence in the community is what sets Kelseyo apart from other Marketing Business. We are present human faces, within reach instead of a video or a voice over the phone. We are updated on events that are constantly happening in your community and offer you the opportunity to be apart of festivals and celebrations so you can reach different potential customers.

Set-up a booth, or have a creative demonstration or activity that draws attention from attendees. Trade fairs and Home shows are a nice way to spread the word about your business by word of mouth, but there are also many opportunities that you are letting slip by. Many types of events are always going on and your business can be there and not just in a poster or banner but in person.

Kelseyo has experience and is a wealth of knowledge for creative displays that will really impress event attendees and turn them into fans!

If you want to find events on your own a great place to start is your local town community calendar, which can be found on the town website. It’s full of stuff that going on right down the street from you.